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Jack and Mac's Emporium of Magnificent Movies and Music

to educate the uneducated

Jack and Mac's Emporium of MagnificentMovies+Music
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Besides being extremely hot, intelligent, humorous and resourceful, this energetic, Booster Juicing couple currently resides approximately 3000+ miles west of New York, New York. The male enjoys kicking balls, overspending, and bitching about seafood and the word Pleather. The female doesn't enjoy spending at all, prefers Robotic voices to those of humans, still cries at a good film, and would take a bullet for several dead men.

If you would like to get a hold of them, and do not posses either a monograph or obscure Morse-code system, then please reference your nearest Yellow Pages book, and cross reference the words "Cool", "Ownage" and, if the Pages are properly listed, "Rusty Trawler"

They are terribly in love. It's kind of sick, really. Oh well. Your loss, their gain.